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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Like Alien Invaders Better than Al Sharpton

Sweet wifey had this picture up on her blog yesterday. The sign says, "Give us FREE health care, jobs, no taxes, house, food. You OWE us America". Kinda makes you sick doesn't it? The sad fact is that you can take the word "jobs" out of there and you have the sentiments of about a third of entitlement minded Americans (those who voted for and still would vote for Obama) who think the world and specifically the gubment (my tax money) owes them a free ride. The protesting alien invaders (no such thing as illegal immigrants), at least some of them, are willing to work. Most of the entitled think it ought just be handed over to them, no work required.

Freeloaders like Al Sharpton want everything "equal in everybody's house". I am sure the idea of a job or hard work has never crossed his mind. Have you ever looked at Al Sharpton's resume? If you want a good laugh, go read it. Here are some high points:

He preached his first sermon at age 4 (I can guess the content, probably nothing about the gospel of Jesus Christ).

He was ordained as a Pentecostal minister at AGE 9. Wow! What glowing qualifications! I have always looked suspiciously at all these people running around with "reverend" attached to their names.

He dropped out of college after 2 years.

He became tour manager for James Brown in 1971.

These are just a few of "reverend" Al's achievements. He is basically a know nothing, do nothing, troublemaker who runs around trying to stir up hatred and discontent, talking like he's got a mouth full of cornflakes.

Yet I have seen him on the news channels, day after day. It is amazing that this incompetent boob is given a platform from which to spew his hatred.

This is what we are up against early in the 21st century, my friends, "You OWE us America!" You keep working hard so we can take what you have.


  1. Rush mentions the sign too. Something else. I thought maybe it was a photoshop, but I could not find anything at Snopes or anywhere else.

    Right Truth

  2. It wouldn't matter if the picture is a fake or not. My comments about "reverend" Al are right on.