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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Life Changing Day

Seems like everyday we get up starts out to be just another day. I don't think we necessarily expect anything very important is going to happen. Sometimes we are surprised. 38 years ago today, I got up, ate some breakfast, and headed out to work on my motorcycle, not paying much attention to anything other than the wind in my face and the routine day ahead. I pulled up at the traffic light in front of the shopping center.

To my right there was a white car stalled at the light. Driving was what appeared to be a most beautiful creature, but I couldn't get a good look from my vantage point. I decided I couldn't leave a damsel in distress so I U-turned into the parking lot next to her and headed for the car.

She just threw open the door (I could have been a Nazi rapist or a terrorist or something) and exclaimed, "It just won't start!"

The floats on her carburetor (remember those?) were stuck and the engine was hopelessly flooded. I pushed her car over to a service station and went back home to get my car to take her to work.

She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, long legs up to her neck which made me a physical wreck! Her sweet little face was gorgeous. He voice was soft and sweet. I could tell by just listening to her she had goodness of heart. I went over to see her that night and the rest is history. A little more than 3 months later I married her. Thursday, May 25, 1972, a day that changed my life forever!
God has blessed me in many ways during my life but the best day ever was when I found her!

By the way, if she had been fat and ugly and decorated with hideous tattoos, she would still be sitting at the traffic light.

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  1. I enjoyed hearing this story last week. So sweet... so precious! You are truly a lucky dude!

  2. You're right Button. I am blessed.

  3. You are the sweetest man on earth. I've always said it and it will always be true.

    I loved you then,
    I love you now,
    and I will love you forever!

    Right Truth

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  6. Grouch, looking as you did back then, it is a wonder the Dope Czars weren't all over you constantly. Ye looks like a little hippy dude!
    Congrats to you and the Trix both!

  7. I was a little hippie, Lizzard, still am......well not so little.....