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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lifelock Response

Well, I complained to Lifelock about the credit card offers I keep getting from American Express. They responded to my inquiry and gave me steps on their website to hopefully keep this from happening again. They also told me the following:

"....if you open up new credit, order a magazine subscription, or change your address, you are automatically placed back on these lists by the marketing companies...."

Well I have not done any of the above lately.......  hmmmmm, I did join the NRA in 2008 but I'm not going to renew..........wonder if the NRA gleefully sold my information to Amex? All the more reason not to send the NRA any more money.

Lifelock also said this:

"You will also continue to receive offers from companies you currently do or have done business with..."

This is a possible reason I could be on their harassment list, but it was several years ago I canceled my Amex card and it seems like the offers just started up again a few months ago.....nah I'm thinking NRA...........

I wanna know why you get back on their stupid list if you move or order a magazine subscription? This doesn't make sense. 

Anyway, Lifelock did not choose to ignore me like the NRA did.

1 comment:

  1. Almost everybody sells your information to somebody else. It's probably impossible to get off all the lists out there.