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Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Thoughts on the Nashville Flood

The looks on the faces of the people in the above picture kinda says it all, doesn't it?

I have been looking at some of the pictures and hearing some of the stories from Nashville. What a terrible thing. So many people lost everything, some even their lives, in a very short time with little or no warning. I can't help but wonder how this disaster compares to New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Is this on the scale of New Orleans? Boy, I sure haven't heard or seen the coverage on TV that New Orleans got.

I can't help but wonder what the coverage from the state controlled media would have been if the Nashville flood had happened with a Republican in the Whitehouse. I remember how the left pummeled George Bush, even suggesting that Katrina was his fault. I hear none of them suggesting that Barack Obama is the one responsible for flooding Nashville. Of course not, no human being can be held accountable for a disaster on the scale of Nashville or New Orleans.

I don't hear the screams and screeches coming from Nashville waiting for the federal gubment to rescue them or accusations that the federal gubment acted too slowly. Rather I have heard story after story of the citizens of Nashville pulling together, rescuing each other, helping each other, depending on themselves and their own ingenuity rather than sitting around waiting for help from outsiders.

Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people and we have to prepare ourselves to deal with the consequences. My grandson's school was totally flooded. Already parents, teachers, students, and friends are coming together making plans for the repair efforts. They are not sitting around waiting for Uncle Sam to make a move.

Let's all remember the fine folks in Nashville in our prayers. They will have a long and winding road to recovery.


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  3. I enjoyed your take, Sweetie.

    Thanks Kathy, Ms. Grouch posted that video on her blog as well.