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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sometimes Freedom and Liberty Require Putting up with Repugnant Behavior

Dr. Walter E. Williams was the guest host yesterday on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Dr. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University and also a prolific author.

If you've never heard Dr. Williams or read any of his stuff, you should take the time to do so. He is absolutely brilliant and his brilliance is accented by heaping helpings of down to earth, understandable, common sense. I told sweet wifey yesterday that his students had to be absolutely captivated by this man.

Dr. Williams was taking calls and the discussion centered on Rand Paul's opinions on the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Basically, Dr. Williams (obviously a black man) agrees with Rand Paul in that the Civil Rights Act goes too far in that it dictates behavior by privately owned businesses. In other words if I own a restaurant, I have the right to refuse service to you because you're black, or ugly, or I don't like the way you wear your hat. There is nothing in the Constitution that empowers the federal gubment to dictate behavior to private bidness owners. Several callers disagreed and declared they found the notion of such behavior repugnant and unacceptable.

No doubt this behavior would be found repugnant and unacceptable by most today and I would venture to say that a bidness owner wouldn't stay in bidness very long if he/she engaged in such practices. Dr. Williams' point however was that if we are going to have true freedom and liberty with no gubment intrusion, we are from time to time going to have to put up with stupid, bigoted people along with their stupid, bigoted behavior. Unfortunately we have become too worried about hurting someone's feelings rather than defending liberty and the Constitution. Slowly but surely over the years we have ALLOWED gubment to come in and fix LITTLE problems we don't like at the expense of liberty. Eventually all those little problems mount up and just like a slow growing cancer we find ourselves immersed in tyranny. Seems like anytime we invite gubment into our lives we can never get rid of it.

Later on the conversation on the radio focused on antismoking laws. I remember a couple of years ago when the State of Tennessee banned smoking in all restaurants. I find this a travesty. If I own the restaurant, what bidness does the gubment have telling me that I cannot allow smoking? I remember that several of my so called conservative friends were just overjoyed by this ruling. I remember when Mike Huckabee, RINO extraordinaire, suggested a national smoking ban..........more and more liberty down the drain. Now the gubment wants to regulate salt and transfats and sugar in soft drinks........it never stops.

Dr. Williams posited a situation where the gubment rulers would have a different agenda. What if you were a restaurant owner of a no smoking establishment and the gubment suddenly passed a law that required you to ALLOW smoking in your establishment? Can you imagine the outrage? You, as the bidness owner would have no say in the matter. Yet this is exactly the same thing happening to bidness owners today when they are forced to ban smoking. It comes down purely to a choice between liberty or tyranny!

Dr. Williams also ventured into all of the tyranny and unintended consequences created by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Where in the Constitution is the gubment allowed to tell me I must build a wheelchair ramp at my bidness? Find that clause in the Constitution and I will shut up. The ADA is a monster that I feel should be repealed but that's a topic for another post.

There was lots of good stuff on the Limbaugh show yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Remember, anytime you ask the gubment to solve a problem for you, be careful, you might just get your wish.


  1. I liked what he said about the states and country being like a marriage that can't survive, divorce or separation might be necessary.


  2. Great post, I was listening yesterday, and tried like heck to remember the guys name so I could look him up later, he did a fantastic job filling in.

  3. I liked his marraige analogy too Sweetie.

    Misfit410, glad I could hep you find what you were looking for.