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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Squishy RINO update

If you've never checked out the American Conservative Union, it is a good place to get a bird's eye view of the political leanings of your senators and your congressman. They keep a running tally of votes on 25 different issues, indicate which votes reflect liberal or conservative positions and compile them for all the world to see.

 I pick on our squishy RINO senator, Lamar Alexander, every month, and rightly so. The ACU scores his voting record at a paltry 68 for 2009 (100 is a pure conservative), so Lamar is deeply embedded in RINOdom. His lifetime score is 79 so it seems like he is taking a more liberal slant as time goes on. All the more reason to vote him out in 2014......if we last that long.

 My other senator, Bob Corker, does a little better at 84, but he's teetering on the precipice of the RINO abyss. I'll be more than happy to add him to my monthly RINO update along with Lamar. I'm just waiting for him to cross the aisle and work with those steenkin Dimocrats.

I am pleased to say that my 7th district congresswoman, Marsha Blackburn, comes in at a respectable score of 100 for 2009 and a lifetime score of 97.71. She's good looking too. I think she's a keeper, but as usual, I'll always keep watching. I don't completely trust any of them.

Just for fun, I looked up Steve Cohen, Dimocrat from the 9th district of Tennessee. He is the one that called tea partiers klansmen and nazis. Well I knew Steve when I lived in Memphis. He was a loon then, and he's a loon now. His ACU rating is 0......pure liberal.

To my surprise (well not really) our old friend, John McCain scored a 97 for 2009, but his lifetime score is only 81.97. As his election approaches and the good people of Arizona tell the federal gubment to suck on it, Johnny boy is acting a lot more conservative.

 Finally, and to nobody's surprise, the disgraceful Lindey Grahamnisty, R. SC. scores a meager 68 for 2009, but his lifetime is better at 89.68. This is a shame because his counterpart, Jim DeMint, comes in at 100 and 98.55 respectively.

Go have some fun. Click on the ACU link and see what your representatives are all about. Try not to get too angry.

1 comment:

  1. I figured Marsha Blackburn would have a high score. I really like her and think she is equal to Michele Bachmann. Bot some reason she does not get the publicity or new air time that Bachmann does.

    Right Truth