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Monday, May 24, 2010

Why is Opting Out so Difficult?

While I'm ranting about Amex, I might as well rant about DirecTV. A couple of years ago I had a subscription to NFL Sundee Ticket. With this you could supposedly watch any and all games on Sundee on a published list of satellite channels.

It was EASY to sign up for this. All I had to do was go to their website, perform a couple of point and clicks, and PRESTO, I was a subscriber. Well it was pretty much an okay service I guess, although some of the games would be "blacked out".

I found after a time that it was difficult to watch several games at the same time and anyway I found most of the games I was interested in were the Titan's games and these were televised on local channels out of Nashville which I could watch without a subscription. Also, I worked a lot on Sundee so I was away from the satellite receiver about half the time. So after a couple of years, I decided that Sundee Ticket was no bargain for me.

After the season was over, I visited the website and searched and searched and searched for a way to cancel my subscription. There was no way to do this online, so I called the nummer provided. The voice on the other end just couldn't believe that I wanted to cancel and went through a whole bunch of begging and cajoling to try and get me to stay. The guy on the other end must have been a Dimocrat because even when I explained I wouldn't be home to watch the satellite, he proceeded to tell me about the great games I would be missing..............HE DIDN'T HEAR A DAMNED THING I HAD SAID. He suggested I record the games to the DVR. Watching rerun football is like watching someone else have sex.

Anyway, shortly before I resorted to giving him a cussing, he assured me my subscription would be canceled.

August rolled around and guess what! The first installment for NFL Sundee Ticket appeared on my bill. So I called them again and went through the same begging and cajoling with yet another Dimocrat. Finally I was told my subscription would be dropped and my credit card credited. I told them if I had to call them again, I'd dump them and go with DISH network.

A few days later a credit did appear on my card and I got no more charges for Sundee Ticket.

Ya know, life should not be this difficult. DirecTV should have a way on it's website to opt out of things you don't want, and when you tell one of their people you don't want something, they shouldn't argue with you about it.

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  1. Easy to sign up, difficult to cancel, sounds like that is their business model. Perhaps they will see your post and contact you or change the policy.

    Right Truth