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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Call from the Senator's Office

I got a call this morning from a fellow named John Getz (not sure of spelling). He works for senator Bob Corker and is some kind of assistant on health care. He was responding to the message I sent senator Corker on May 19 regarding Medicare RAC audits. Go HERE and read first or the rest of this won't make much sense to you.

He told me that there had been many complaints from providers over RAC audits (I wasn't surprised to hear that) and that the Gubment Accountability Office, www.gao.gov was taking steps to rectify problems. He directed me to the following page: CLICK HERE

I told him that the main problem with the RAC audits is the fact that the gubment employs head hunters to implement the program and offers to pay them 1/3 of any funds they may recover. I tried to explain to him that there was no way hospitals were going to get a fair shake as long as the bureaucrats were paid like this. He seemed friendly and cordial and kept referring me to the GAO link. I am not sure if he ever understood my point but I made it clear to him that under the present system that hospitals like ours were being ripped to shreds. I had a discussion specifically about our hospital's "appeal" over an $11,000 improper payment because the word "removed" was used instead of the word "excised". He seemed to agree this was ridiculous.

He thanked me for my comments and invited me to call him again if I had anything on my mind. He said he would pass along my further comments to senator Corker.

By the way, I went to the GAO page. The summary seems to have more to do with the gubment's ability recoup improper payments and to make sure improper payments did not happen again. I did not see a lot there about protection of hospitals from head hunters who are trying to rape and kill them. The entire report is 52 pages. I doubt I'm going to sift through that.

I can't say that I felt a lot better after talking to Mr. Getz, but at least someone had the courtesy to call. I can't help but feel our elected officials are more or less disconnected from reality and don't really have a clue as to how the boneheaded laws they pass affect average citizens. Now I'm waiting to hear from Marsha Blackburn and Lamar Alexander.

By the way, I'm waiting to see how Bob and Lamar are going to vote on Elena Kagan. I already have an idea. My RINO gun is locked and loaded.

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  1. Did you get Getz phone number so you can call him again. I would take him up on his offer.

    Right Truth