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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chalk Up Another One for Sheriff Joe

Looks like at least someone in law enforcement is doing his job. Once again, much publicized and much maligned Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio has stepped up to the plate.

Evidently there has been an investigation going on for at least a year concerning two Sizzler restaurants that are suspected of hiring illegal immigrants. The cops are looking for 23 suspects wanted for identity theft. One of these suspects was DEPORTED THREE TIMES and hired back by Sizzler each time he returned.

This is all going on at a time when employment in Arizona is hovering near 10 percent with legal Americans looking for work...............and yet the Sizzler is hiring illegal invaders. If you ask me, the Sizzler managers should be thrown in jail or at least giving a fine similar to the national debt. Perhaps we should BOYCOT SIZZLER?????

Keep in mind that all this is happening BEFORE the much criticized Arizona illegal immigration law goes into effect. I'm sure sheriff Joe has got to be a little frustrated when he watches the miserable job our glorious federal gubment is doing to protect Arizona's borders, yet, he and his deputies apparently keep up the good fight. The citizens of Maricopa County must approve. They keep electing Joe Arpaio.

This is just another shining example of regular Americans just working, doing their jobs, and doing the right thing, in spite of the corruption and ineptitude of the crooks in Warshington. YOU GO, SHERIFF JOE!


  1. AMEN, wonder if he would consider relocating to Gibson County?

  2. I don't think so Lizzard. They like him out there.