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Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Runner-up Scumbag of the Week.

Luke Kishpaugh of Salem Oregon has earned the title of runner-up scumbag. This dude commanded his Doberman Pinscher to attack a helpless bunny rabbit in a park. The story says he smirked and laughed as the dog tossed the rabbit in the air and killed it as horrified children cried.

He was charged with aggravated animal abuse and animal abuse. I dunno what the penalty for that is but I'd like to see this guy in the cell with Bubba the rapist along with the cat killer. I betcha he wouldn't be smirking then.

I know, people around here hunt rabbits all the time, but to wantonly destroy one of these creatures just to make children cry?

You gotta wonder what in the hell is wrong with people like this????

1 comment:

  1. Animal abuse today, people abuse tomorrow. Always happens.

    Let him be be "Bubba's Bunk Butt Buddy", hee hee