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Friday, June 25, 2010

Headed Home After a Hard Day and Night of Working Miracles!

Photo courtesy of my friend Keri (aka Button).


  1. Well don't you look cute, but sort of "grouchy", heh

    Right Truth

  2. Neber mind, I read yo older posts and saw the truth!
    Juss member,
    Yo reflexes aint what they usta be, yo bones are mo brittle and will take much longer to heal.
    Thas the way you overpaid, Republican Doctors are, juss buying toys wid de po folkses money!!!

  3. I know Lizzard. I was careful before when I rode and I'm more careful now. I figger I got a relatively short time remaining on the earth and I might as well make the most of it.

  4. By the way, Lizzard. Tell Sam that a buncha children are eating dog food tonight and several fambilies are homeless just so I could get that motorcycle.

  5. Ah knowed dat were de case, danged rich doktors.
    My next question tho' is:
    What kind of tattoo are ya gonna git? Ye gots ta hab one, ye knows!

  6. BTW, mah po dawg is habin ta eats cat food, juss so ye can ride dat motobike! Danged 'publican!

  7. No tattoo for me. I thank Trixie is gonna get a butterfly on her ass.

  8. Hey Liz
    Reckon he gittin redie fer da Bama Bike Fest ?
    How Trixie would do in the nipple sizeing contest ?

    zet 20wpm