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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Don't Get It. Explain it to Me!

The other day, sweet Wifey and I were crusing down I-40 in my pickup truck. I look over in the left lane. The idiot in the car passing me is just texting away. Now, keep in mind that we are scooting along about 70 mph and the highway was crowded.

I just don't get it. Someone please explain to me the allure of texting. Some of the nurses up here at work get texts all the time. Every few minutes I'll hear a little jingle.......another text! Certain ones get 4 or 5 texts per hour or more. What could possibly be so damned important that you have to receive that many texts? Why text at all? Hell if I got something I wanna say to someone, I just callem on the telephone. Why should I waste time punching a buncha stupid buttons when I can just talk?

I will frequently see someone driving like a drunkard and they will have a damned cellphone stuck in their ear. What's up with that? I always enjoyed driving alone cause it was a quiet time for me......no distractions. What could be so damned important that you can't wait until you get home to call? If I do get a cell call while driving, I will usually pull over and not engage in the weaving idiot syndrome.

I'm all for technology but for some reason I often long for the days of winding 2 lane country roads and telephone booths. I guess I'm stuck in a time warp. Someone please explain it to me.


  1. Grouch,

    This has always been a problem. In 1994 when Sara and I were running household goods, some jerk in Philadelphia knocked his mirror off on my trailer while talking on his cell (rare things back then). He called the police and the officer (who just came from a motorcycle accident where the rider buried his head into his helmet) told him that he was foolish to call it in and even wrote the driver down as the one who cause the accident. About nine months later he was suing the company (it was my truck but it was their name all over the trailer) for pain and injury, etc.

    In another case -- somewhat humorous -- a UPS double- trailer rig blew by us with the driver reading a book while his feet were comfortably sitting upon the dashboard. I guess there's idiots in every crowd.


  2. hang the bass turds

  3. You said it all Grouch. Bet you good money that one day you or another doctor just might see one of those idiots in your ER.

  4. Thanks everyone. Yer right, Findalis, there are actually very few true accidents. Most occurrences happen cause of someone's stupidity.