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Monday, June 21, 2010

Illegal Invaders have a Right to be Paid

Uh, they're ILLEGAL. They are invaders. They do not have rights in this country under our constitution. They should go. The Hussein Obama administration should go!


  1. OH



    Someone just shoot me now...

  2. Yeah, Sue, my sentiments exactly. The AZ gubberner has got to be throwing about now.

  3. A "RIGHT"????? Show me where in the Constitution it states illegal criminals have a RIGHT to anything except being arrested and punished.

    Right Truth

  4. What right does our government have to ignore it's OWN laws? Last time I looked, ICE was an arm of the U.S. government also. So one government agency is charged with rounding up and deporting illegal aliens and another government agency is simultaneously soliciting wage complaints from illegals? How hypocritical is that?!?

  5. Horse Woman, the gubment seems adept at picking and choosing what laws to follow and what parts of the constitution to ignore. It's par for the course.