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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

King of Kings, up in Flames

Between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio there is a church on I-75 called the Solid Rock Church. Out front they have a 6 story statue of Jesus called the "King of Kings" statue. The only reason I mention this is cause we would always see it on our way to the Dayton Hamvention. Heck, you can't miss the thing. It's HUGE!

Well, it is no more. Apparently Jesus was struck by lightning and burned up, leaving only the charred metal frame. Funny, but I never thought about something like a statue catching fire. Anyway, it is gone.

According to the Drudge story the damage to the statue is $300,000. Now I know nothing about Solid Rock Church, but seems to me like $300,000 would go a long wat toward feeding the hungry and healing the sick, you know all those things Jesus thought was important, but I guess that's up to the folks that go there.

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  1. Good point about how the money could be used. I always question the big mega churches that spend fortunes on their buildings, furniture, etc. and I think how much better that money could have been spent.

    Right Truth