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Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Ways to Act Stupid

We have a problem here in the hills of Lost Creek, golf carts! The carts here are not used for golf but are used for people to ride around in, and there are tons of them. On the weekends, you'll see them trekking up and down the roads with people, mostly weekenders, gawking and spying on the neighbors. Our beagle, Penny, enjoys barking and screeching at them.

Now I have no problem with golf carts in general but understand that they are operating on public roads and this is illegal to begin with. Some of the golf cart operators seem to have little sense when it comes to the fact that they are on public highways. I have in fact almost nailed a couple of them with my truck. I am sure if I had hit one, the operator, if he/she had lived, would try and claim it was MY fault. One geezer darted out from a side street in front of me and missed my front right fender by about 3 feet. He was blasting along, looking in the other direction and never saw me until I slammed on the brakes and laid on the horn. I think I probably scared the sh*t out of him. Good! I hope he had a big stinky pile in his drawers. I seldom travel more than 20 mph on our narrow curvy roads, so that was the only thing that saved his bacon that day. Unfortunately, some people drive their cars and trucks like maniacs on our narrow roads. What's worse is that the drivers of these carts are frequently little kids with not enough sense to come in out of the rain.

Some of these cart operators will get in front of you, putting along about 5 or 10 mph, laughing, waving, and talking, and won't get out of your way for love nor money.

Just when you think you've seen it all, you see something even more stupid. Yesterday as I was heading for band practice, I left Lost Creek and was traveling down the main highway at 55 mph when the car in front of me threw on his brakes and screeched to a near halt. He had topped a hill to find a golf cart immediately in front of him, cruising along at a brisk 10 mph. He managed to get around the cart and as I approached I saw a so called adult driving with a bunch of little kids along for the ride. This was in an area where there are many blind hills and curves. Well the cart nearly got smashed and if that had happened, I am sure there would have been carnage. Hitting a golf cart at 55mph usually does not result in anything very pleasant.

I started to call the cops on this idiot, but he turned off into Beech Bend Park at about the time I picked up the cell phone so I figured he would be unfindable before any cops could respond.

You have to wonder how many brain cells a person like this was born with, or possibly the alcohol content at the time.


  1. The golf carts as well as 4-wheelers are made for a certain number of person(s), but that doesn't seem to matter around here. They are piled high with adults, children and pets, all of which would be creamed if hit by a legal vehicle on these roads. If the cops started giving them tickets every single time they were out driving illegally, this might put a stop to it. But when the cops never show their faces here, ever, that's out of the question.

    What makes it worse and that many are drunk, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

    Right Truth

  2. Makes ya think of the scooters at Dayton and the electric wheelchairs at Wally World, don't it?
    Most of these folks are too fat and lazy to walk, which walking would hep take the fat offn em.
    Oh well, anudder blog fer me, should I eber decide to do another.

  3. Lizzard, you need to get off your butt and post something. That screeching monkee is getting old.