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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Straight Story About Needlesticks

Sweet Weefie Wifey posted a recent article at Right Truth about those dastardly terrorists lacing their bombs with HIV infected needles. Go HERE first to read her article.

This is a synopsis of the counseling we give to needlestick patients:

1. Being stuck by a large bore needle containing blood constitutes the greatest risk of acquiring HIV infection, but even this worse case scenario is less than 1 percent.

2. Small needles (insulin syringes etc.) and other sharps such as suturing needles and knife blades pose a much lesser risk.

3. Exposure to air and heat reduces risk even further.

4. Prescription of antiviral cocktails and time limited treatment regimens will reduce the already small risk by 10 to 100 fold depending on which study you read.

5. Probably more of a risk than HIV is hepatitis B for which there is a vaccine. If you are at risk, get a vaccination.

So my friends, the actual threat of acquiring HIV from a terrorist needle is infinitesimally small. I suppose the real weapon here is a psychological one. Lots of uninformed people will actually go berserk at the thought of being stuck by an HIV infected sharp, and I am sure that's what the terrorists are counting on. After all, that's why they call it TERROR isn't it?

Your friendly GROUCH has spoken.


  1. Grouch,

    There's more damage from rusty nails used as IED shrapnel, but the true fear comes from terrorist use of the "silent stuff" and there's enough of that around to make simple bombs rather pleasant in comparison (I cringe over what the Russians developed during the Cold War).


  2. Exactly right, it's the terror and fear aspect. Soldiers never know what they are going to find.


  3. The new picture (you and Shrek) is a little scary! With those ears and some green face paint, you could almost be his twin ...or at least his better looking brother!! LOL

    I agree with wifey...the goal is to strike terror. They could use CLEAN needles and syringes to pack the bombs and would achieve the same purpose. People fear what they don't understand. The less they actually know about a subject, the more likely they are to remember all the SCARY facts.

  4. Thanks everyone. Ignorance is no doubt a useful weapon in the right hands. Look at the ignorant people that voted for Barack.......with only a promise of hope and change!