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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Those Deadly Cellphones!

So San Francisco is now going to require that cellphone manufacturers start posting cellphone emission levels. They say this is to help people make "informed choices". I say informed choices about WHAT? I have to ask the following:

1. How many DOCUMENTED SCIENTIFIC CASES are there of any physical ailment being caused by a cellphone?

2. How many DOCUMENTED SCIENTIFIC CASES are there of someone's pacemaker being stopped by a cellphone?

3. How many DOCUMENTED SCIENTIFIC CASES are there of anyone in a hospital ever being injured by a cellphone?

I can't find any!

You know, radio frequency emissions have been around since the beginning of the 20th century. Cellphones put out around 600 milliwatts of power (0.6 watt). Radios as those used by fire and police usually run about 5 watts in a handheld unit and between 25 and 100 watts in a mobile unit. AM radio stations can run up to 50,000 watts, FM stations 100,000 watts, TV stations in the millions of watts. Various types of radar and ranging can run massive amounts of power. You'd think that if there was a connection between radio frequency emission and health problems that we would have seen it by now, but I can't find it!

Of course this whole thing with San Francisco is a head fake. It is just the beginning of cellphone regulation, or better yet, an excuse to put a tax on cellphones. Wanna bet that this idea does not appear in a very short time? And just like all this global warming, cap and trade nonsense, it's based on junk science. It's a hoax! I sure am getting tired of liberals "protecting " me!


  1. It's the kooks in California, the liberals, who want to regulate everything.

    Right Truth

  2. I have to correct you on one thing. If one texts while driving, you can be sure that sooner or later someone will die!

  3. yes, findalis, but in your case the harm does not come from the electromagnetic radiation from the phone, but is due to the idiot operating the device.

  4. Same difference Grouch. The radiation is safer than the idiot.