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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 1200 Dollar Fish Hook and Dishonest Politicians

There are 7 or 8 different people running for mayor of our county. The election is next month. I am not excited as none of them have said much of anything that has impressed me and spout out all the same old generic stuff that you hear from someone trying to get a vote. So rather than try to decide on a candidate I rather have taken it upon myself to determine those that do not deserve my vote and eliminate them from the pack.

I became aware the other day that one of our glorious mayoral candidates was running around badmouthing the hospital. He was stating that he had a fish hook in his finger and it cost him $1200 to have it removed. He was heard to tell his would be constituents that this hospital was just going to tighten its belt if it couldn't get by on $1200 dollars for a fish hook.

I of course did some investigating. I found out that the hospital was paid a grand total of $95.91 for this fish hook removal from Medicare and Blue Cross supplement. The ER company (for which I work) was paid an amount of slightly less than $300 (the hospital sees none of this). So the total amount paid for fish hook removal was in truth slightly less than $400, with the hospital seeing less than $100 of this. I found out that the patient (the politician) was charged an amount of ZERO dollars and ZERO cents.

So why is this guy badmouthing the hospital? Well, I dunno for sure, but I would guess that his would be constituents probably had some kind of a beef with the hospital. Rather than just let things go he rather invented this story to commiserate with the angry voter. "Shame on that vile hospital! If I get elected, I'm gonna show them!"

For less than 100 dollars, the hospital has to run an emergency room, hire nurses, hire an ambulance to be standing by, stock up with drugs and equipment etc. The administrator told me that the belt had been tightened about to the limit.

Well, I know at least one of the candidates I WON"T be voting for. I hate people that tell lies, especially politicians. This could explain why I hate most politicians!


  1. Did you write a letter to the editor about this informing voters???

    I bet I know which candidate it was with only one guess.

    Right Truth

  2. I did not write a letter to the editor. I can guarantee you it would not get printed.