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Monday, July 19, 2010

28 Percent Approval for Hussein Obama?

That's right! There's a poll in Arizona that states Hussein's approval rating has dropped to only 28 percent. Is it any wonder?

1. Massive spending (stimulus, porkulus).
2. Takeover of the banks, car companies, and now energy.
3. The unwanted Obamacare.
4. The threat of cap and trade (tax).
5. His failure (refusal) to seal the Arizona border.
6. He is suing Arizona for trying to enforce illegal immigration laws.

After a time it all mounts up. Nobody should be surprised.


  1. 85 percent approval for him in DC, Bushwack.

  2. It is better than what he has in Israel: 10%. It must be because they are racists.

  3. Those Jewish folks over there are very observant.