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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Billboard Complaints

Sweet Wifey beat me to the punch this morning about this. Go over to Right Truth and read about it. The natives are complaining so I hear. Of course the same natives were wringing their hands and cheering when George W. Bush was accused of being a Nazi. Hell I've even been accused of being a Nazi and a racist more than once. I really couldn't care less.

Actually the sign pretty much says it all. "FEARFUL AND NAIVE". This is exactly how Hussein Obama got elected to begin with, by preying on the sentiments of the fearful and naive. They created the fear by crisis mongering ("no good crisis should go to waste") and they knew that the majority of the populace is uninformed and naive. Most people catch a glimpse of the mainstream media news and that's all they get. They don't bother to dig for the whole truth. I heard the other day that 65 percent of people in this country could not name a single Supreme Court Justice. These same people can tell you the contestants on American Idol or Dancing with the Stars. These same people heard the "hope and change" message of Hussein Obama and swallowed the whole thing.

Of course they are mad about the billboard. The communists that supported Obama are mad because the truth is coming out. He is a communist and a miserable failure as a president. The fearful and naive are mad because it's hard to admit that you were ignorant and stupid. I find fewer and fewer people that will admit they voted for Hussein. When the topic comes up, they fade quietly into the shadows, with a "How could I have been so stupid?" look on their faces.

I surfed around and found some more similar images. They are all spot on. Hope you enjoy them.
If you're a leftist communist reading this post, I sincerely hopr you are truly outraged. You deserve it!


  1. I heard that the first government funded abortions under Obamacare have begun. Killing babies with our tax money and we have no say.

    Right Truth