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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Congress is Bringing up the Rear

A recent Gallup poll of institutions ranks congress as dead last at 11 percent. Well this should be no surprise. What a bunch of self serving boobs they are, governing against the will of the American people, saddling us with ridiculous rules and regulations, and spending more and more of our grandchildren's money. I hope this is a signal of things to come in November.

At the top of the list is the military. This is good. They deserve our respect and confidence.

Others in the doldrums are big bidness, 19 percent, organized labor, 20 percent, television news, 22 percent and newspapers at 25 percent.

I have nothing against big bidness. Bidnesses large and small provide jobs for everyone and investment opportunities for all us folks with stocks, 401K's, and mutual funds. I gotta think big bidness is at the bottom due to the demonization by the left. Without this I think big bidness would rank much higher.

I'm surprised organized labor ranks so low. After all, Hussein Obama and the left think that unions are the best thing since sliced bread. Perhaps average people are smart enough to see unions for what they really are.......TROUBLE!

Television news and newspapers are in the toilet and this is no surprise. I see these numbers continuing to decline.

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