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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Day My Ass Fell Off

I get on this goofy computer pretty much on a daily basis. One of my routines is to go over to the facebook page just to see what is going on. 99 percent of facebook is a nonsensical waste of time. Someone will make a comment on how hot it was today and how much they sweated. Someone else will leave a comment also about their daily sweating and will finish up with "LOL".

Huh? LOL? Really? Of course LOL is an internet acronym for "laugh out loud". Really? You're gonna tell me you really laughed out loud over how much you sweated today? If this is true, then it doesn't take much to amuse most people.

I have to sit back and think how many times a day I actually laugh out loud. I dunno, if I'm watching a good comedy on TV, maybe three or four times, tops. I can't think of very many times I've laughed out loud at anything I've seen on facebook........maybe a grin or a grunt or even a groan, but a laugh? NAH. I have noticed drunks at a bar will suddenly and without warning come out with a big and boisterous LOL. I'm thinking, "Well, it really wasn't that damned funny." However, the number of LOL's is no doubt directly proportional to the nummer of drinks consumed. It also seems that loud mouthed yankees are more prone to LOL's than southerners. This observation has been developed from my vast experience at the Dayton, Ohio Hamvention. There are more loud mouthed yankees there than you can shake a stick at.

Then I'll see LMAO (laugh my ass off) or ROFLMAO (rolling on floor, laughing my ass off). I have lived for nearly 58 years. I have had plenty of good laughs. I never remember laughing so hard that I ever rolled on the floor. I certainly never remember my ass coming off during even the most violent fits of laughing. Perhaps I have not yet been drunk enough to experience this phenomenon.

So what is it with this LMAO, ROFLMAO stuff I see on facebook? Are all my facebook friends really that much more jolly than I? I just don't know. Now a couple of my favorite acronyms are OMG and WTF. You can figure those out by yourself. All you gotta do is read the headlines on Drudge or Right Truth everyday and realize how much Hussein Obama and his band of brothers and brother wannabees are screwing up this country and you're liable to come out with an OMG or a WTF a couple of dozen times and that's on a slow day.

Yall please do me a favor. Next time one of your asses falls off from laughing, take a picture of it. I wanna see.


  1. Love the images.

    I think you are right, FaceBook, MySpace and all of those are basically a waste of time. The only thing I use them for is promoting articles from Right Truth.

    And I don't think I have ever used LOL, or LMAO, of any of those. Maybe WTF, but you are right, it's when the government takes away another freedom.

    Right Truth

  2. Bad as I hate to agree wid you on anything, LOL, LMAO etc are terribly overused and silly. I see a lot of it on Facebook as well as when some people send me text messages on the cellfone.
    People, it is a telephone, call, speak, communicate!

  3. Just not like in the old packet days, Lizzard:

    GGPBRB (Gotta go pee, be right back)

    GGSBBIAFM (Gotta go sh*t, be back in a few minutes)

    These kids today don't know squat.

  4. Like the post, but I just wanted you to know that I stole the "ass" photos for future use! I do some laughing myself, on occasion.

  5. That's ok Mushy. I have no copyright on laughter.