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Friday, July 16, 2010

De Gubment Say, You Too Damn Fat! SUCKA!

Reading on Drudge a few minutes ago that beginning in 2014, de gubment say dat your obesity rating must be included in stimulus mandated electronic health records. So now Uncle Sam is going to keep track of every one of us big or small. First of all I am not sure what the "stimulus" which has stimulated nothing has to do with electronic health records and vice versa. They are also saying that this information must be available - with appropriate security measures - on a national exchange. So there will be a nationwide database of your fatness for all the world to see.

Okay they know you're too fat. They say that your fatness has an adverse impact on your health. What then? You guessed it! They're gonna tell you what to eat, what to drink, mandate a REQUIRED exercise program, and take it upon themselves to take away your freedom and liberty and force upon you all their imaginary healthful bullshit! You're too stupid to make your own choices.

And on top of this, Hussein Obama, has appointed his personal Chicago cook as HEALTH FOOD CZAR! That's right! More of your tax money that we don't have to pay this guy to be a White House adviser! This is because Michelle Obama declared that OBESITY IS A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY!

Folks, it's getting freakin unbelievable out there!


  1. Not sure if this was part of the stimulus or part of the new health care bill, the latter I think. But no matter, if your BMI will be available to all you can be sure the rest of your records will be too. After all, they have to KNOW, so they can advise you how to live.

    Right Truth

  2. If I want to eat fatty foods that is my right. If I die an early death from it, oh well, that was my fault. Try to force me otherwise and I'll shove a 22 where the sun doesn't shine!

  3. Unreal, ain't it???

    Have you and Debbie seen this yet?


    Oh, by the way...remember me...the certified coder from your post a few weeks ago? Well, thanks to the ecomonic downturn, myself and about 13 others who were employed at our small rural hosptial are now unemployed...2 of the 4 coders, some nurses, head of our "Foundation", etc, etc, etc. Yeah, Obama, you really stimulated our economy and created/saved millions of jobs...

  4. I agree, Findalis. If I wanna make a bad choice, that's my bidness not theirs. Most of my choices in 58 years have been good ones, no thanks to the gubment.

    Sorry to hear you're unemployed, Sue, but not to worry, Hussein will take care of you, fill your gas tank, pay your mortgage, and even wipe your butt. I posted the video here. It's a goodun.

    I'll take advice from YOU sweet thang, but not the gubment.