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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Decatur County Mayor Qualifications

A friend of mine went to an event Toosdee night where the 7 or 8 candidates for Decatur county mayor were answering questions. One of the questions asked what qualified that person to be county mayor. The response from one of them was that he needed no qualification other than to be able to read and write.........boy oh boy.

I was not there. I got this second hand, and I am paraphrasing, but I have every reason to believe this person was telling me the truth.

Is it any wonder we are in such a mess?

Here is yet another candidate I am crossing off the list.

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  1. If you read that question/answer page in the newspaper that I gave you, the highlighted portions were very interesting. Each said they were "against raising taxes", but then they went on the elaborate on "which taxes they would raise", if "they had to", and how they would do it: "start slow, with small amounts and increase over time" so that "it wouldn't be such a shock" to the taxpayers. Typical political double-talk.

    Right Truth