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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fat Girls Pole Dancing

I just couldn't resist, but my friend Keri, aka Button, took this picture at a local establishment here in the county. Damn! I missed it! FAT GIRLS POLE DANCING! I just wanted all my blogger friends to be aware of what a high class area that sweet Wifey and I live in.

The neat thing about fat girls pole dancing is that if you get hungry, you can lift up a roll and probably find a minner cheese sammich under there from last week.....yum yum!

My drummer, Tommy Sowell, says fat girls need lovin' too! I suppose he's right.

The only thing I can think of better than this is when they have MIDGET STRIPPER NIGHT down at the Wobble Inn.

PS. How about that high tech mailbox stand?


  1. Better be careful. Chuck, AKA ZET, see that, he WILL BE VISITING you fer a few nites. You KNOW how he is!

  2. lizzard, your comment didn't make a bit of sense.

  3. Does Charles like to see fat girls pole dancing?

    How about fat midget girls pole dancing???

    Right Truth

  4. Liz, you got me mixed up wid Missa Jim,AKA NNJ.
    He crazy bout dem fat yankee pole dancing hoes.

    P.S. my name aint Chuck.
    Thank you Trixie for calling me Charles.

  5. Made sense to me, Trixie and Chuck!
    Seems like you're the minority here.
    Yes, Trix, Charles does love to see anybody or anything pole dancing!

  6. Too bad Clarence ain't around to buy you a lap dance, Charley.

  7. Dang...sorry I missed that...especially if it was in Tennessee...I might have driven the length of the state to catch that action!

  8. I missed it too Mushy. Our band was playing out that night.

  9. I think Fat Mans should have Fat girls pole dancing when the Morbid Strangers are playing. I bet that would draw a LARGE crowd!

  10. Button, I can mention that to H.P. the owner, the next time I see him.

  11. you people r crazy