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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Got Yer Bottoms Rockin'

Those Morbid Strangers rocked the Texas Bottoms last night. In spite of my very sore back we put on a 4 hour show accompanied by much socializing, food, and fireworks. The weather was nice, not too hot, and no thunderstorms! Thanks to all who came out.
 Click HERE to see all the photos from the Texas Bottoms gig. The most recent photos will be at the end of the set.


  1. Well all the pictures are good, a great time was had by all, and I especially think the bass guiter/keyboard player is sooo cute!!! Love you hubby.

    Right Truth

  2. I'll have to agree, the bass/kb guy is adorable.

  3. Whazzamatter wid yo back? Dint fall offn yo scooter didja?

  4. Naw, Lizzard. I let the thing get over on its side and I was trine to lift it up by myseff. Something went pop and I been walking stooped over ever since.