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Friday, July 16, 2010

I Have a Rumbling Deep in my Bowels

You know things just aren't looking too swift for old Hussein Obama these days. He continues to fall in the polls. He may lose his majorities in the house and possibly the senate. He's pretty much made a mess of everything he has touched. He is becoming hated both on the left and the right. Even Serpent Head, James Carville is ranting at him and rightly so.

Now I'm not feeling sorry for the jerk. He richly deserves anything bad that might happen to him.

Seems like lately our old friend, Bill Clinton has begun throwing darts at old Hussein. This is nothing new. It was a frequent occurrence during the 2008 Dimocrat primaries, but it more or less calmed down after Hillary took her secretary position. Now it looks like it might be starting up again. Hmmmmmmmm. I'm wondering if we're gonna see a sudden resignation of Hillary Clinton immediately after the 2010 election? Hmmmmmmm? Could it be? Most of those so called independents out there are indicating they will vote for a Republican over Hussein Obama................but if they had a Dimocrat choice, would things be different? I dunno, but I just have a rumbling deep in my bowels. If you ax me, the time may be just right for the Wicked Witch of the West to strike. You know she's still got to be really pissed off that the incompetent black guy out of nowheresville ruined her presidential chances. Could she become president in 2012? I think she has a damned good chance. I would hate it but we'd be better off with her than the boob we got now.

I could certainly be wrong. There's no way to predict what political twists and turns may lie ahead. A few months from now things may look completely different, but...............I just have a rumbling deep in my bowels............maybe it's that Subway sammich I just ate..........
 Hillary HELL!


  1. I think you may be right.


  2. Okay you heard it here first:
    Hillary was given the Sec State job for "Experience" in Foreign affairs...Reason? To compete with Sarah Palin "I can see Russia from my house"...

    Hillary has Bill which is a plus in some circles. (Including mine, because I'd have voted for hillary over McCain)

    After November, Hillary will step down as Sec.State. Bill will continue to throw darts and Hillary will seek the nomination in 2012.

    Oh and the Clintons will only be called racists a couple of times during the campaign season...