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Friday, July 30, 2010

I'll Defend Obama for Once!

There's a story about how our glorious president, the messiah, the "ONE", the man child, Hussein Obama lied on the Television show THE VIEW (there's one show I won't be watching) when he declared he did not know who Snookie was. Check out this link to watch the damning video.

I am sure that on May 1 when he talked about Snookie and Jersey Shore that he had no idea then who Snookie was. He was just reading the script he had been given.

We're it not for Jay Leno, I wouldn't know who Snookie is either.In my defense, I can name all 8 current Supreme Court justices, can you? I can also name the left wing whacko who will likely be named the next justice, can you? If you don't know your justices, but you know who Snookie is, you have your priorities mixed up! I digress........

The only thing Obama is guilty of here is:

1. Being completely humorless.
2. Allowing his writers to make him look like an ass.

The only reason I bring this up is because it is extremely rare that you will ever hear me defend Obama. RARE!


  1. Barrack Hussein Obama.
    What a maroon! I have defended him on 2 or 3 occasions. But I have also thrown darts at him on 50 or 60 occasions.
    Being a fair minded individual, I have defended the idiot on a couple of occasions but he is STILL the most bigoted, raciest, sorry piece of crap we have had in office in my lifetime!
    It will give me much pleasure NOT to vote for him in 2012!
    Don't RENIG in 2012!!!

  2. Ditto Lizzard.

    I think I have defended him once, but I cannot remember what it was for. This country was on the way to getting past racism. But this administration is like the "crier" who goes down the street screaming out the latest news ... But the Obama administration cries "racism" at everyone who does not agree with them.

    Right Truth

  3. Obama needs a writer to look like an ass???

  4. Sorry, David, should have said a "bigger ass".