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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Message from Lamar Alexander

A few days ago, I sent both my senators a message encouraging them to vote against Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court. I reminded Lamar Alexander that he had already made one mistake by voting FOR Sonya Sotomayor. I got a reply today from Lamar:

Dear Thomas,

Thanks very much for getting in touch with me and letting me know what's on your mind regarding the nomination of Elena Kagan to serve as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

President Obama won the election and is entitled to nominate individuals to serve on the federal bench, subject to the advice and consent of the Senate.  However, I was deeply offended by how senators on the other side of the aisle changed the rules on President George W. Bush's Supreme Court nominees.  I said at the time that as long as the president nominated well-qualified people, who'd be impartial, they should have an up-or-down vote, and that I would vote to confirm them.  That's still my view.  Of course, in truly extraordinary cases senators reserve the prerogative - as do I - to vote "no" or even to vote to deny an up-or-down vote.

I will carefully consider the president's nomination of Elena Kagan.  In March 2009 I voted against Ms. Kagan for Solicitor General because I was deeply troubled by her aggressive opposition to allowing military recruiters at Harvard Law School when she was its dean.  I look forward to the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearings to learn more about her record and qualifications.

I appreciate your taking the time to let me know where you stand.  I'll be sure to consider your comments as Ms. Kagan's nomination is discussed and debated in Washington and in Tennessee.



Well I am not quite sure what to make of his reply. First of all I really don't care if Hussein Obama did win the election. If Hussein appoints someone who is going to choose his/her own ideology over protecting and defending the Constitution, then Lamar should vote against that person. In my humble opinion, refusal to uphold the Constitution should mean automatic disqualification (for any judge or elected politician for that matter). Sonya Sotomayor has already failed the test (too little too late). Elena Kagan is a left wing nut and it looks like she will be put in a lifelong position to do great harm to this country. I figure in the end, Lamar will vote for her confirmation. I wonder if he would vote differently if her were up for re-election in 2010? Our crop of RINOs in Warshington just make me sick.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, the president has the right to nominate whomever he wishes and yes they deserve an up or down vote.... But that doesn't mean that Republicans have to vote FOR her. They should vote NO, vote against any candidate that is not willing to defend thee constitution, that is liberal, or progressive, or that does not represent what we believe in. NO is a perfectly acceptable vote for any senator or congressman.

    Vote NO for Kagan.

    Hey Alexander, were you " deeply offended by how senators on the other side of the aisle" ridiculed Bush's nominees and how they voted against them, how they interrogated them????

    Time about is fair play, you RINOs are too Milquetoast, too wimpy. Grill these candidates and then if they don't meet our standards vote them OUT. Vote NO.

    Right Truth