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Monday, July 12, 2010

Minnesota Felons Elect Horses Ass to US Senate

Here's a story that posits illegal votes of felons in Minnesota may have resulted in election of Al Franken (horse's ass) to the US Senate. Dan McGrath of the Minnesota Majority, the group revealing these finding, says they can't legally change the results of the election, rather they are just trying to insure the integrity of the next election.

Yeah, yeah, yeah......well I'll bet my shriveled crusty ass that if the shoe were on the other foot and the Republican had been elected, this story would be front page news all over the gubment controlled media. There would be calls for recount after recount, court battles, threats from the Black Panthers, calls for the assassination of the Republican....on and on. As it is, I find the story in an obscure corner on Matt Drudge.

I have to wonder what kind of lunatics populate the great state of Minnesota anyway. Perhaps the same lunatics that voted for Hussein Obama? If thinking people had been casting ballots, Franken should have lost by a landslide.

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