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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prince Charles, Climate Expert

I'm changing my opinion about the hoax of global warming. Prince Charles has has attacked climate change skeptics. Well, if the heir apparent to the throne of Great Britain said it, it must be so!

Hmmmmmmmm, I been looking around trying to find Charles' qualifications as a climate expert. Hmmmmmm, doesn't really look like Charlie has ever really done anything much.........he hasn't taken financial risk, started a bidness, created real jobs for employees............nah the Buckingham Palace  guards don't count. Looks like Charles and Algore have about the same level of expertise. I think I'll call up the prince and have him perform a complete analysis on my carbon footprint!


  1. Prince Charles is the prime example of the bad effects of interbreeding.

  2. Yes, Findalis, but he's so charming and good looking!