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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Redistribution of Wealth - Where does it End?

So, Donald Berwick, Hussein Obama's recess appointee director for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has declared that healthcare is a right and that fair and equitable healthcare will require redistribution of wealth. Well, this is no surprise. Anyone with a grain of sense that has been paying attention knows that Hussein Obama and the Dimocrats all believe in the redistribution of YOUR wealth. Joe the Plumber knew it, remember him? Fine, so what's next?

Those of us that work hard and make more money and live in nicer homes should I guess give some of our money to those that did not bother to work as hard or make decisions or get a good education. We should sell out nicer homes so everyone could live in a crackerbox or the latest space provided by public housing? Well Chris Dodd and Barney Frank have already done that for us in the form of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, forcing banks to loan money to people who cannot afford to pay it back and leading us down the road to the credit and housing disaster that is now upon us. What's next?

I guess those of us that worked hard and made good decisions should give back a little so instead of having a nice steak and a good glass of wine, we can instead all go together and get a healthy Happy Meal? Maybe grandma can get a can of Alpo instead of the generic Walmart brand of dogfood. Where does it end? What's next?

Shame on us hard working folks who worked hard and made good decisions! Some of us like to drive a Cadillac, or a nice SUV with all the extras. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! We should trade in our expensive cars and start a nationwide association called CLUNKERS ACROSS AMERICA so we can all be equal and drive clunkers together! Where does it end? What's next?

Starting tomorrow, I'm gonna go out and work twice as hard and pay more taxes so my friends who did not bother to work hard and made stupid decisions in their life can enjoy the same lifestyle as I. Shame on me, I'm turning over a new leaf!


  1. Nice rant,

    Rationing of health care with someone like this guy, who LOVES the UK health system is very scary. Joe the Plumber was right about spreading the wealth and Sarah Palin was right about death panels.

    Right Truth

  2. Atta Boy, Grouch! I knowed you'd been sandbagging, only making a million bucks a year, go out and make two million, I need some rig-stamps!
    Where will it all end? Unfortunately, most of the hard working people already know!

  3. you ain't gonna need rig stamps lizzard. hussein is gonna take away all the frequencies and givem to muslims so they can broadcast their prayers to each other.

  4. What's next is all of us idiots who work hard and support ourselves and our families (along with the family next door) turn their game around on them, latch on to the gummint teat, and crash their welfare programs around their ears... No money to fund them with, the coffers empty, the unwashed masses will take them down with them. I think that's the real meaning of "social justice." Or something.

    Meanwhile, we know hunting and gardening and will not go hungry, and they will be standing there with outstretched hand, whining when the free money fails to magically appear. Thanking my lucky stars I'm no Dummycrap...

  5. Better stockpile your guns and ammo, Angie Lee. Those who appear with outstretched hands at your front door will likely try and help themselves to whatever you have.