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Monday, July 5, 2010

Remember History - The NEW DEAL was a RAW DEAL

Woe is me! More depressing headlines on Drudge this afternoon:

It's Really Starting to Feel Like 1932.......

Dow Repeats Great Depression Pattern.......

I am not an economist or a Wall Street analyst so I will not sit here and bloviate about what all these Wall Street numbers and trends indicate. I do not know if we are headed for another great depression or not. I certainly hope not, but it seems like everything Hussein and his thugs are doing are pushing us that way. After all, that is his plan. He hates the U.S. He wants us to become a second rate nation both militarily and economically.
I am, however, a bit of an amateur historian and I do know this much. Beginning with the stock market crash in 1929, this country plunged into almost a decade and a half of the greatest depression in history. The policies of Herbert Hoover fueled it and the policies of FDR further exacerbated it. The idiots on the liberal left would have you believe that the glorious FDR and his wasteful and disastrous New Deal were the solution. The sad fact however is that the unemployment situation was worse before the beginning of World War 2 than it was at the beginning of the depression. Only after a couple of years into the holocaust of that terrible war did things start to economically turn around.

The lesson is that at no time in history has a society been able to spend its way out of a recession or a depression, It has been tried and it has never worked, Amazingly, the rest of the world has already told Hussein Obama that the time has come to CUT SPENDING and provide TAX RELIEF. Hussein won't listen, rather he jumps on the bandwagon for more failed stimulus spending and more money printing and greater and greater debt. Might as well hand us gasoline as a fire extinguisher.

My friends, history is probably our greatest teacher. If we fail to learn from our past mistakes we are doomed to failure. Obama has got to go......NOW!

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