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Friday, July 30, 2010

Rocking the Fatman!

Oh those wily Morbid Strangers will be rocking the Fatman this Saredee night from 8PM until midnight! Fatman's is located on Highway 412 in Perry county just east of the bridge over the Tennessee River.

There's no cover charge so just come on over and have fun.

Dang! I thought for a minute the guy riding the scooter was our drummer, Tommy Sowell! He is a chubby little thing!

Yeah you can tell old Sowell took a spiraling downhill course from his youth to his state today.


  1. I can tell that's him. Where did you get that picture? He looks almost the same except for the doorag.

    Right Truth

  2. i know hes real fat i think he plays a game called kongregate!

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