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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Sorry Excuse for a Human Being

Once again, I'm not going to spend much time on this but I gotta say that it appears that Mel Gibson is another steenkin piece of human debris. The latest flap occurred when Mel was caught on audio, cursing out his former girlfriend, making fun of her breast implants and using the "N" word. Go HERE to listen: WARNING! IT IS PRETTY DISGUSTING!

I also understand that Mel and his ex-girlfriend are in some kinda custody battle over their 8 month old daughter. Poor kid.

Mel has been accused of domestic violence....somehow I believe it. I am not defending the 40 year old ex-girlfriend, I know nothing about her. She may be a scumbag too, but come on, there's no excuse for Gibson's rant and behavior.

Of course, this is not Mel's first rodeo. Back in 2006 he got in trouble for drunk driving and making anti-Semitic remarks. So I guess Mel hates blacks, jews, and women. If it were up to me I'd.........nah, yall don't need to hear what I think he should have done to him.


  1. I cannot imagine how his first wife lived with him for so long, no doubt ha didn't just turn into a scumbag.

    Right Truth

  2. Makes ya wonder why his movies have always been so sadistically violent, don't it? ;o)

  3. Well, I guess you're right, R.J. I had never really thought about it.