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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Time for the Grouch "100 Treatment"

I'm not going to spend much time on this but boy I am really getting tired of seeing and hearing about super skank, Lindsey Lohan. Seems as if she's gonna spend a few days in jail. Well, that's just great. She'll probably spend a few days there whining and squalling and complaining and get out to start all this crapola all over again.

Allow me to introduce all of you to the GROUCH "100 treatment".

Here goes:

1. Lindsey is forced to tote 100 pound sacks,
2. for a distance of 100 feet,
3. in 100 degree heat,
4. for 100 hours a week,
5. for 100 dollars a month,
6. for a period of 100 months.

This sentence should be handed out to Lindsey and other worthless pieces of human debris like her. It should be clear that if she is a repeat offender she will be returned to the "100 treatment" area for double the time.



  1. She's an alcoholic and drug adict and needs to be treated as such. She gets away with what she does because she is a celebrity. No way that would go over if she was an average citizen.

    Right Truth

  2. Or she has to come up with one sentence to show her IQ is above 80.

  3. I doubt she'd even come close to 80.