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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The United Nations Helped Me Once!

I often think back to my perception of things when I was a child and compare them to the realities of today's world. When I was 3 or 4 years old I remember I was very afraid of the Soviet Union. I was so afraid that I would often go in the other room when the news came on. I was afraid they would tell me that the Russians were on the way to invade us and drop atomic bombs on our heads.

When I would play outside I was afraid of a couple of things, buzzards and con-trails. I always thought buzzards might swoop down and carry me off. I guess I had heard a story about how an eagle had kidnapped a little Indian papoose or some such thing. I always thought the con-trails were Russian bombers flying over to blow us to kingdom come. Jet planes were pretty new when I was a kid, so con-trails were a fairly uncommon event. I'd just quietly sneak back inside.

One thing about the Soviet Union was that they were so much bigger size wise than the United States and in the mind of a child I guess, land mass was the deciding factor in a fight. I shared my fears about Russia one day with my mother. She told that we had nothing much to fear from Russia cause the United States was a member of the United Nations. She showed me a map of the world and explained that large countries like Canada and Brazil and many many other smaller countries were also in the UN and they would surely help us out in a fight. This was shortly after the Korean War and she explained to me how the UN had turned back the invasion of those filthy North Koreans. Now I dunno if my mother really believed anything good about the UN. Surely she realized that the "end" of the fighting in Korea was due almost totally to the US military, Seems like this was around the time in 1956 when Russia invaded Hungary. I remember the pictures of the tanks in the streets on the news. The Russians just didn't seem very afraid of us. Then Sputnik came along and now I was hearing the Russians could just shoot missiles at us. In spite of all my mother's good news about the UN I guess I still felt uneasy but I remember I was a little encouraged by all those other "friendly" nations just waiting to come to our aid!

I really am not sure of my parents' political leanings and grasp of world events. I know they liked Ike, but I'm not sure if they voted for him, but I also remember them speaking highly of Harry Truman and FDR.  I'm not sure if they went for Kennedy or Nixon in 1960. They were both devastated when Kennedy was assassinated as was I. I know they voted for LBJ in 1964 because they thought Barry Goldwater was trigger happy and would lead us to world war 3.

In 1962 the Cuban missile crisis scared the hell out of all of us. I remember in grade school we started having daily "tornado drills" where we would all file out into the center hallway and crouch down into a ball. I guess I was wondering why the UN could not throw some fear into those evil Russians. Strangely, after the missile crisis ended, so did the "tornado drills". Seems like the adults thought us kids were kinda stupid.........well we weren't that stupid. We knew what was going on and we were not sure if we would see the next sunrise. I remembered that Jesus promised He'd take me to heaven if I died. I'm glad that us kids didn't know how close we came to Armageddon. Reading about it now is really scary.

As the 60's rolled on and I became a teenager, I began to come face to face with reality. I no longer feared the Russians so much, not because of the UN, but because I began to realize the power of our military. We were winning the space race and I decided our missiles were much better than those of the Bear. I realized that Lyndon Johnson was bad for America and that Vietnam was a bad place to be and I realized that if we weren't going to fight to end the Vietnam war, we needed to get out. I was worried about going to Vietnam, but when I turned 18, my draft lottery number was 326, and the war was beginning to wind down..........I missed Vietnam and I'm not sorry.

In the early 70's I guess I was pretty much apolitical. I remember I liked Richard Nixon mainly because it looked like he was getting us out of Vietnam. I actually still kinda like Nixon in spite of his shenanigans. I voted for Nixon in 1972. I met sweet Wifey in 1972 which was by far the best year of my life. Then I went off to college and eventually medical school. I remember in college that most of my professors were Dimocrats, but I don't remember any of them filling my head with political nonsense or trying to indoctrinate me. During this time I came to realize the greatness of the United States, perhaps because of my love of history. I realized that America was indeed exceptional, not because we were born different or better but because of freedom and liberty and individual achievement. I began to see that liberal social programs never worked and always cost a lot of money......money down the drain.

I came to realize that the UN was populated by a bunch of third world states led by tin pot dictators that hated the US, oppressed their people, and wanted our prosperity for themselves and I realized we were probably better off without the UN, in spite of what my mother had told me.

I liked Gerald Ford. I always thought he was a level headed and decent man. By 1976 I suppose I had become a full fledged, rock solid conservative. I remember getting into arguments with other students about Jimmy Carter, and that we would be in deep doo doo if he was elected president. I was not wrong.

So, by the time I was 24, I was all grown up politically. It took me about that long to figure out the UN. I am thankful that enough of our politicians following world war 2 had enough good sense to keep our military strong and able to deter the Soviet Union. I am not so sure about the bunch of lunatics we have in Warshington today.


  1. Nice post my sweetie. You were such a cutie pie and still are.

    As to the UN it took me a while to understand that not only is the UN useless, it is dangerous, it generally sides against Israel and the United States and sympathizes with the terror nations and Islam/Arabs. The UN costs the US a lot of money and we get nothing in return.

    I'm not sure what my parents politcs were, I do know they voted for Nixon. As to JFK I think everybody was devastated when he was killed, simply because he was the President, and that meant something. The office meant something. It didn't matter what party he was part of, we don't want our presidents assassinated, we want the pleasure of disagreeing with them and voting them out of office when the time comes.

    As to all the big nations that agreed with us back then, I think the environment has changed now, we don't have so many truly strong supporters as we did then. I could be wrong.

    Right Truth

  2. I agree...great post, and one after my own style! I was also great to finally see a shot of Debbie. I've been reading her much longer than you, but like both your writing styles.

    From a fellow Tennessean to another...thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks Mushy. You can tell by looking at her that I definitely married up! Come back again.

  4. You're so sweet. You should check out Mushy's sites, he has more than one. He goes to some of the greatest places and they have some of the best looking food, makes me hungry every time I visit his site.


  5. Mushy, everybody that knows Grouch knows he married way above his personality!
    Good blog, Grouch. Well put and meaningful.

  6. You're right, Lizzard. It is an excellent post, and the blog ain't bad either. It's much better than that pissed of monkee.