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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hope for the Future

Sweet Wifey just posted an article announcing how Republicans are leading Dimocrats in areas of trust on many of the important issues. Good for us, I guess. I hope this means that the Dimocrats are going to be slaughtered in the November elections. Of course I'm hoping the GOP takes back both the House and the Senate. It seems as if even the Dems seem resigned to the loss of the House.

Well, they deserve to lose. For the last year and a half they have been complacent with Lord Hussein Obama in governing against the will of the American people and shoving their communist agenda down our throats. What would really be cool is if the GOP gained large enough majorities to even override Obama vetoes, but I'm not holding me breath on that one, even better, impeach and convict the bastard. He's an illegitimate president anyway. You gotta be born here to qualify and beside that, he's a Muslim, an enemy of the United States.

If the GOP does win big in November my fear is that the same old Warshington malaise will set in and the new Republicans will drift to the center and new RINO's will appear, which will ultimately mean a shift back to the Dems in future elections. Remember in 1994? Remember Newt and the contract with America? What happened to all of that? The GOP had a chance to grab the brass ring and really make a big difference and just completely blew it.

So I'm delighted to hear about the new found trust the folks have in the Republicans, but I am a long way from trusting the Republicans to do the right thing.

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  1. They had better vote for Conservative Republicans rather than just Republicans. And those Conservative Republicans better be ready to do some hard lifting like repealing the health care bill and defunding all this other crap that the Democrats have forced on us.

    Right Truth