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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hot, Sweaty, and Rockin'!

The Morbid Strangers thoroughly rocked the FATMAN last night. Let me tell you it was hot as Hades. In spite of that, we had an enormously large crowd, a bunch of tailgaters in the parking lot, a couple of "guest" performers, and lots of rock-n-roll! Here's a few pictures. To see all our pictures, go HERE. The latest pictures are at the end of the set.
The whole band in action.
 Tony, "the Cable Guy" strumming a few licks.
Guy in the zone.
James and Tommy in the groove.


  1. What a great evening of music. The band gets better and better. I especially love that hunky bass player.

    Right Truth

  2. Rock on, Tommy. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  3. And another Happy Birthday from DW!

  4. Is that a short scale Gibson SG??? Nice! You don't see much of those anymore....

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments and the BD wishes. Yes, Steve, a short scale Gibson SG, similar to one I played in the 60's......got me thinking of Jack Bruce.....

  6. Wish I could have enjoyed it, too. When will you guys be back to Fatman's?

  7. Brooke, we are tentatively doing the Fatman again on August 21. Gotta clear it with all the bandmembers first.