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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Morbid Strangers Double Header

My day began at 6am yesterday and finally ended at 3am this morning. Those Morbid Strangers (they are really morbid) had a big double header performance. We first headed over to Lewis County Manor in Hohenwald, TN. Where we put on a performance for "community day".
It was HOT HOT HOT followed by a heaping helping of HOT! I drank water or sodas constantly and there's no telling how much we all sweated. In any case we had a large and friendly crowd, free food and drinks and they all seemed to appreciate the music.
It was HOT!
Tony was HOT!
Scotty was HOT!
Guy was HOT!
 Tommy was especially HOT!
James was HOT and SWEATING!
I was my normal HOT self!

I think the worst part of the whole deal was when we had to tear down and load all of the equipment in the blazing hot sun (100 degrees plus!) and then move the whole load from Hohenwald to Memories Bar and Grill in Centerville. Thankfully the air conditioner inside Memories worked great. After a brief cooldown period we set the stuff up again on the stage.

After that I went back home to get a bite to eat and retrieve sweet Wifey. She stayed home during the day with Penny.....and then back to Memories.
Memories was a much cooler and darker environment. Tommy had a couple of AC vents blowing on him at all times.
You can really get down when the air is cool!
The guitar players are cool too!
Guy always makes fun of my melodious slow songs, but lead singer, James, and his wife, Lisa, don't seem to mind!

After midnight it was all hanging out. We packed up once again and headed for home. At home Wifey and I relaxed for a bit, I had a couple of pina coladas, took a shower and got to bed about 3AM. Sweet Wifey said I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I've got a week to rest up until we do it all again at the Fatman's! WHAT A RUSH!

To see all the pictures, go to:
The latest pictures will be at the end of the set.


  1. I think the band sounded better last night than they ever have. The drummer is doing a great job learning all the band's songs, you moved (almost) flawlessly from song to song, no unnecessary talk or anything between songs. Very professional. Looking forward to next Saturday.

    Right Truth

  2. sounds like a great time was had by all. May have to check ya'll out at Fatmans.

  3. Thankya Darlin.

    Anonymous, you need to be decisive! Say, "I WILL have to check ya'll out at Fatmans."

  4. Anonymous really isn't anonymous is he? Isn't that Rusty/Lizzard? If so, they had a good time at the 412 that New Year party, they should come on over and enjoy music in the hot Tennessee heat.