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Thursday, August 19, 2010

No Mosque at Ground Zero! Enemies of the United States Should Enjoy No Rights!

I've kept quiet about this issue for a while now, mainly because it is so troubling to me, but here it is. I have about had it up to my nose listening to the BS from the left about this proposed Mosque at ground zero in New York. The left goes on and on about how the opponents are "insensitive to Muslims" and how we would be "violating their first amendment rights" by disallowing the Mosque. Witch, Nancy Pelosi, wants to have me investigated! Bring it on, Nancy! The same people launching these accusations have never worried about free speech before. The thought of a simple prayer to the one true God, or the erection of a cross or a nativity scene in a public place sends them screeching and wringing their hands, running to some left wing judge in horror! Yet they are so worried about the poor Muslims getting their itty bitty feelings hurt.

Well now, here's how I see it. On September 11, 2001, Islam overstepped its boundaries as a simple religion when it murdered 3000 innocent people on that dreadful morning. Islam no longer qualifies as a religion, but rather an ideology, a hateful ideology that wants to destroy liberty and freedom and everything that we as Americans hold near and dear. Their hateful, sexist, and backward Sharia Law would undermine everything precious in the Constitution.

Like it or not, this hateful ideology, ISLAM, IS THE ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Kinda sticks in your throat doesn't it? But when you wash away all the limp wristed liberal politically correct hogwash......it is true! These people want to kill us just because of who we are and what we believe. As far as I am concerned, Islam forfeited it's right to any protection by our Constitution the day it went to war with us. So do they have a right to build a Mosque at ground zero? Hell no, as far as I am concerned, they have no rights whatsoever.

Now I am not saying that Muslims as individuals have no rights. I realize that most of them are born into Islam, others convert, although for the life of me I can't figure out why. It is a hateful theology built on a false god and the lies of a false, pedophile prophet. What a shame so many have fallen worldwide for the lie. As an individual, if you want to believe this nonsense, then you have every right and I will defend your right to do so. If you want to believe that Howdy Doody wears pink boxer shorts, then by all means go right ahead. There are limits to everything though and when your religion results in mass destruction and the loss of American lives, then as far as I am concerned, all bets are off. Now I realize that there are crackpots out there that kill people in the name of other religions. That is not what I am talking about so don't even try to use that as an example.

I have heard even some Muslims on the news saying that building the Mosque at ground zero is probably not a good idea. Well this is good! It shows that there are actually some sensible thinking Muslims out there. What did they expect the reaction to be? Of course the ones insisting on building the Mosque knew exactly what the reaction would be, OUTRAGE, and rightly so. Nevertheless, their intent is to purely rub our noses in the horror of 9/11, and I have no doubt that in the end they will be allowed to build the damned thing there.

If it is built then I certainly hope that a gay bar is erected right next door, with a barbecue shack on the other side. I could not give a rat's ass about sensitivity toward Islam. This ideology is our mortal enemy. I am hopeful that enough people in this country eventually realize this before it is too late (especially the politicians) although I am beginning to think that it may take another catastrophe on the scale of 9/11 to wake people up.

I want you think about how you felt that day in September when you found out we had been attacked. How did you feel when you saw people jumping from the World Trade Center towers? How did you feel when the buildings came crashing down? Who was responsible? Who is the enemy?

Build a Mosque at ground zero? YOU GOTTA BE SH*TTING ME!


  1. My sentiments exactly. Christians are hunted and slaughtered in Muslim countries for merely being open about their faith. What would be the reaction of a Muslim community in any one of those countries if Christians wanted to build a big fancy church in the middle of their town square?

    I've heard some talking heads on the radio say 'it's a local issue' ...'let New York decide.' Well, it is NOT a local issue when the proposed site of the mosque is strategically located in the shadow of what used to be the Twin Towers. Anyone that doesn't realize that's in your face mockery is just plain naive.

  2. It is not a local issue, it is a national issue and Americans across this nation are speaking out 68% say the mosque should NOT be built at Park51.

    Islam is a "political system" that encompasses every aspect of a Muslim's life, and this imam wants to enact sharia law in the US.

    Right Truth

  3. And he is campaigning abroad for this issue on state department funds ...OUR tax dollars. Ugh!

  4. Horse Woman, one good thing about this is to see the Dimocrats scattering in a bunch of different directions like cockroaches. I hope their wimpiness and indecision hurts them even more in November.

    Sweetie, the 9/11 attack was an affront to ALL Americans. I remember how mad I was that day. My anger has not cooled toward the perpetrators, in fact my anger grows.

  5. uneducated people like yourselves is the real threat to america.

  6. I may be uneducated, however, I speak in complete sentences with proper capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.

    How about that?