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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Obama is a Muslim! Why the Big Mystery?

I hear on the news today that roughly 25 percent of Americans believe that Obama is a Muslim. A larger number thought he was a Christian. Many others were undecided. LET ME BE CLEAR. I have thought all along that he is a Muslim. I also think he was born in Kenya and is an illegitimate president. Choke on that!

I almost did an old Facebook LOL this evening as I watched the panel on Brett Baier's Fox News Show. Panelist Erin Billings just could not believe that 25 percent of Americans thought Barry was a Muslim. After all, he had declared in the campaign that he was a Christian. He had surrounded himself for the past 20 years with Christian ministers (Jeremiah Wright! Bwaa Haa Haa!) She just couldn't believe why anyone would think that he was anything other than a Christian!

By this time I am shouting at the TV, "Because he's a damn liar! Erin!"

Her sidekick, Steve Hayes, who is supposed to be a conservative went on to compare people like me to the same people who believe in UFO's. Wifey is sitting there rolling her eyes (they are such pretty eyes) and saying, "Oh, brother!"

I have always tended to judge people by their actions rather than by what they say, and Hussein Obama is no different. Did I say Hussein?

1. Obama was born into a Muslim family in Kenya and grew up in a Muslim country, Indonesia.

2. Obama was at first for the Mosque at ground zero and then not so much for it once he tested the political winds.

3. Obama directed NASA to reach out primarily to Muslims and glorify Islam's great contributions to science and technology. (I'm still wondering what those might be.)

4. Obama has turned his back upon and undermined Israel and our European allies in favor of making nice with the thug dictators of the Palestinians and other Arab countries.

5. He has not lifted a finger to stop his Iranian buddies from going nuclear.

6. Obama has trampled and ignored the Constitution since he took office, instead imposing his communist, left wing agenda against the will of the American people.

7. He's not going to raise taxes on anyone making less than 250K per year, but he's not going to extend the Bush tax cuts and he has already given us Obamacare and a couple trillion dollars of new debt! LIAR!

8. Obama has said that the Muslim call to worship is the most beautiful sound he has ever heard!

Based on his actions, I can come to no other conclusion than he is a Muslim and a liar. In fact, I don't believe anything out of the man's mouth.

So Obama is a Muslim. Based on my last post, he is also an enemy of the United States! As Rush Limbaugh has said, he is the first "anti-American president"!

WOW! There goes another UFO!


  1. As Rush said, Bill Clinton was the first "Black president" so Obama can be the first "Muslim president.

    Right Truth

    (thank you sweetie.

  2. What is funny about the panel is that the so called "conservative" talking heads just can't bring themselves to say it! OBAMA IS A LIAR!

  3. He must be a Muslim, the White House is denying it too loudly.

    White House: Obama is Christian, prays daily

    It is a well documented fact that Muslims play daily. 5 times each day.

  4. Agree Findalis, they're squealing like pigs.