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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Own Gubment is Our Enemy!

I have known this for some time. The gubment is plowing ahead, like a runaway train, governing against the will of the American people, shredding the Constitution, refusing to defend the borders and protect the citizens.

Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff Paul Babeu, is saying what needs to be said, "Our own government is our enemy". Babeu is really upset that instead of targeting thousands of illegal invaders sneaking into Arizona, the federal gubment is instead "targeting the state and its law enforcement personnel."

Of course this is exacerbated by the ruling of federal judge, Susan Bolton, who placed an injunction on parts of Arizona's immigration law that would simply have allowed law enforcement officers to do their jobs!

The gubment is the enemy indeed and I for one think it is high time we started treating them as such. I think Arizona should IGNORE the injunction and INVITE the federal judge to come enforce it. Post the Arizona national guard on the border and tell the feds to get the hell out. Hell the next civil war has gotta start somewhere! Oh boy! Wouldn't it just be so juicy? Obama would have to create a new commission and bureaucracy just to "study" the problem!


  1. This guy is correct.

    Judge Napolitano was on Cavuto's show today talking about both the health care and illegal immigration. Each states, somewhere around 30 of them, are all doing what they can to stop both. some are passing bills of their own, some politicians are not doing their jobs, so the citizens are putting referendums on the ballot themselves to stop being forced to buy health insurance. All will be sued or brought before a judge for a decision. Depending on the judges, and so many are Leftists, this may go to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court will have many cases before them. It will be interesting to watch.

    Right Truth

  2. I'm telling ya, it's that movie, The Second Civil War, in real life. Idiot president only motivated to act when cast in the "role" of a former president and dumb as a rock (Phil Hartman - EXCELLENT performance!), Idaho guv closes the state border, other states follow suit and close THEIR borders, war breaks out between the states' national guard and federal troops... over immigration.

    I believe it was Oscar Wilde who said that more often, life imitates art. Obama just has to put proof to the point.

  3. I dunno how it's gonna play out, Angie Lee, but something's gotta give sooner or later.

    Sweetie I hope the challenges by the states are endless. What I would really like to see though is the states starting to IGNORE the federal courts and dare them to do something about it.