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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Time to Remember Greatness

I suppose all of you know by now that former Alaska senator, Ted Stevens was killed in a recent plane crash. I also read that some lunatic Dimocrat, Keith Halloran, had wished that Sarah Palin had gone down with Stevens' plane. What a terrible thing to say, but that just shows the true nature of Dimocrats and the left in general.

I did not particularly care for Ted Stevens' politics in fact some of the pundits wax eloquently about him saying the he "knew how Washington worked" and "he brought home a lot of money for the state of Alaska."

Well that's all fine and good I guess, but I would much rather have a system where I did not have to worry about someone "bringing home the bacon". I'd rather have a system where Warshington didn't take my money in the first place, but that's just me.

I got to reading about Stevens and I was impressed to find out that he was a pilot in WW2 and that he flew C-46 and C-47 transport planes in China, delivering supplies to beleaguered Chinese troops fighting off the Japanese. It was also said that he supported the infamous Flying Tigers. This story is particularly close to my heart, because my late uncle Thomas H. Barnes (my mother's brother) did the very same thing during the war. This was apparently a very dangerous endeavor complicated by terrible terrain, problematic weather conditions, and the risk of Japanese fighter attack.

I was a small child but I remember my uncle Tommy telling us about the time he had to bail out of his C-47. He had flown over the mountains and encountered some unexpected weather. In the clouds he began to pick up a load of ice. He could not climb above the overcast and could not go lower for fear of running into mountains. He told us that they dumped out all their cargo but to no avail, the plane started going down.

My uncle and his crew had to bail out. Fortunately, they were rescued by some friendly Chinese and were eventually returned to their unit. Thankfully my uncle lived to fly another day.

So in spite of my dislike for senator Stevens politics, I have to say thanks, senator Stevens, for your great service to our country. He no doubt loved America and was willing to risk it all for this great nation.

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