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Friday, August 13, 2010

Wasting Time with Verizon Wireless

A few days ago I got a call from Verizon Wireless, my current cellphone carrier. The pleasant lady on the other end of the phone offered to send me a brand new cellphone free of charge if I would sign a 1 year service contract. I had been down this road before and previously I was assured that the new cellphone would fit my mobile charger. It did not, so after filling out forms in triplicate, I returned the new cellphone. I told the nice lady that I was not interested in another new cellphone.

She then offered to cut my next bill by 50 percent if I would sign a 1 year contract. Since I was not planning on changing cellphone providers, I thought this to be a good deal and I agreed. She told me to hang on and she would access my files and make this happen. After a very long interlude, she came back and was disappointed to say that she could not do this after all unless she could "change my plan". She first said she would increase my monthly minutes from 500 to 700 for just 10 dollars more per month, and my first bill would be only half the normal amount. I told her we had never used beyond the 500 minute monthly limit so I declined. She persisted and proceeded to remind me that if I ever did exceed the monthly limit that I would be charged and extra 45 cents per minute. I assured her that if I ever exceed the limit that I would gladly pay the extra charge but it was not likely ever going to happen. I am not one of those people that drives, eats supper, takes a crap, and goes to bed with a cellphone in my ear.

Next she offered me a new plan for just 10 dollars more a month with free roaming and free long distance. I told her I already had free roaming and free long distance. There was a period of silence and I could tell that although she sounded like a nice lady she was beginning to get a little frustrated.

Next she offered me a wireless internet package so I could take my laptop with me anywhere. By this time I had kinda stopped listening so I don't remember the exact price but it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 bucks per month. I told her that for the price, I could wait until I got home to web surf and send email.......no thanks.

"For just 10 dollars more a month, I can offer you an unlimited texting package!" she exclaimed.

I told her that I had never sent a text and that I didn't believe in texting. If I had something to say to someone, I just called them on the phone.

After another period of silence, she finally told me that she didn't think there was anything else she could do for me today.



  1. They are probably the worst phone company I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I was an Alltel customer for YEARS (for a reason - Verizon sucks... and I took great pleasure in telling them so) and they turned around and sold out to the enemy about 6 months into the 2-year contract I signed for the new phone I had to break down and buy (I was still on my original phone, 6 years later, in tears that I had to part with it). December 30, 2010, I will no longer be a Verizon customer - for a reason. Recently had to call customer service about an automatic payment they "misplaced" and they couldn't tell me anything, said to call back in a few days. On getting ready to hang up, the lady said "Thank you for choosing Verizon" and I couldn't stop myself... "I'm not here by choice, I'm here only because of Alltel." She actually took it in stride, said others had mentioned that, as well. Wonder why.

  2. Next time this happens tell the person that if they persist you will go to another phone company.

    I have SPRINT and love it!

  3. If you ever do need a new phone or to change something, go to DAYCOM Verizon in Lexington. The man and woman there are so very nice, don't try to sell you anything you don't want, you just tell them "this is what I need, and this only" and that's the end of conversation.

    Right Truth

  4. Angie Lee, I actually have no problem with Verizon Wireless service, but the saleswoman calling surely did not have her ducks in a row.

    Findalis, SPRINT has no coverage here. My brother in law has SPRINT and has found his phone useless here when he come to visit.

    If this old Samsung ever poops out, sweetie, I'll go to DAYCOM.