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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Busses Run Over Democrats!

The Dimocrats are in disarray. Apparently there is just so much campaign money to go around. The DIMS are now running around trying to decide which ones among them are in so much trouble they cannot be saved in November. Political triage, they call it. The ones that are too far gone are going to be thrown under the bus and money and support given to those perceived as salvageable in an attempt to hold on to the House by maybe a few seats. This is just too funny. I like the thought, the idea, the image, the sound of a bunch of worthless Dimocrats being squashed by a bus.........THUMP THUMP! with a few interjected screams! Oh the joy!

I feel sorry for none of them. Whatever they get, they deserve. From what I am seeing right now I'm thinking and hoping a lot more of them are going down than they can possibly imagine.

Hussein Obama is to blame for this. When it's over, I hope they all realize it. I also hope Harry Reid is gone and witch Nancy is no longer speaker.

1 comment:

  1. Reid and Pelosi really need to go. However, the Republicans are in-fighting now, which I hope turns out to be something good. Weed out the RINOs.

    Right Truth