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Monday, September 13, 2010

The GROUCH is Back in Town

Well, I made it back from Mt. Nebo in fine fashion after a relaxing weekend of working radio, eating, sleeping, watching football, and enjoying the scenery. The weather was grand and all the hams had a great time. We had a party of nine and I am pleased to report that 9 out of 9 are racists and hate Hussein Obama.

It's nice to have a little time away from the computer, the blog, and the news, and just put the old mind in neutral for a spell.

Here are a few pictures if you care:

NE5BO, the contest station.
View from the front yard.
Plenty of food for all the undernourished hams.
Working AO-27 (amateur satellite) in a thunderstorm. Don't try this at home!
 The truck according to this GPS display is sitting precisely on the 94 degree west meridian. We are on the dividing line between GRID SQUARES EM24 and EM34. GRID SQUARES are a big deal to amateur radio operators. Our satellite station actually counts as 2 separate contacts if we work from 2 different grids.
The thunderstorm!
Another hard working amateur radio operator.

Click HERE to view all the pictures from the Nebo trip.

No Korans were burned during the trip.


  1. I applaud the contesters for their patience in making contacts and for putting up with YOU!. Har!

  2. I was an inspiration to all of Mt. Nebo.

  3. You are an inspiration to all that come into your aura. Some inspire to dream, others to strive, as for myself, I simply aspire to find my next bottle of beer... and a camera to catch you in a humorous moment.