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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Koran in Every Bathroom

I dunno how much difference it will make but General David Petraeus seems to think that the burning of Korans by a small Florida church on 9-11 will somehow further anger Afghan Muslims and put our troops at risk.

Therefore, I will not plan on ordering my personal copy of that pack of lies just to burn next Saredee. However, I am thinking about placing a copy of it next to the toilet so I can wipe my lilly white ass with one of the pages each and every day.

Might be cheaper than toilet paper but probably not nearly as easy on my dainty delicate skin.

I don't guess I'll make a video of me wiping.

I can't really believe that Petraeus really believes that not burning the Koran will be of any benefit. Afghanistan is just a bunch of Muslims that are gonna hate us and want to kill us no matter what we say or do. I am wondering if Obama put him up to saying this? It would not surprise if it came from the Imam in Chief!

I also found it a bit surprising that the title of the article "CONDEMMED" the burning of the book, but nowhere in the reading could I find the use of this language. Of course the church has ever right to burn this worthless book, but maybe in this case they should make their statement in another way.

Whatever happens, it is obvious to me that a lot of people in this country, me included, are furious at Islam and the lies and hatred it spreads. In the case of Afghanistan, I am thinking that "nation elimination" instead of "nation building" should be our policy......but that's just me.


  1. I'm on your side... If they weren't still there, I'd like to nuke them back to the stone age... The "religion of peace" is neither a religion or peaceful... Their only goal is to impose sharia law on the entire planet...

  2. I have said it before, The Koran is a great book wonderful for use as toilet paper real smooth on the Hinny make it shinny.

  3. I'm with you! But make sure you know what's in the Koran, before you flush it. Because you can use it against these lying scumbags and their stinking non Islam apologists.. That book justifies lying in certain situations.. The Bible forbids it in any way..

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments.

  5. I agree, but put it besides Holy Bible, please.

    Ps.: I loved Mohhamed eating Allah, errr, a Pig.

    Ps2: i'm brazilian, my english is poor.

  6. I appreciate your input, Daniel. Your English is better than my Portuguese.