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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Oncoming Race War

It looks like a pretty sure bet that the GOP will make huge gains in the 2010 elections. I'm hearing a lot of the talking heads on TV now speculating that Obama will be a one term president and will lose his bid for re-election in 2012. Well, I dunno about that. A lot of things can happen between now and 2012. Obama may get off of his left wing communist high horse and tack to the center after the 2010 elections, much like Clinton did after 1994. In Obama's case though I rather doubt it. He hates America so much that I think his longing to change the country to a communist state far overrides his desire for a second term. I could be wrong.

The economy could rebound and give him the 2012 election, but I rather doubt this too, In the face of higher taxes, the multi-trillion dollar debt, and the unfriendly atmosphere of the administration toward business and the private sector, any recovery will be slow and painful.

It is entirely possible that the Republicans will field candidates so distasteful in 2012 that even Obama will seem good. I think this is the most likely scenario for Republican defeat in 2012. I won't vote for another squishy RINO.

In any case, if Obama is defeated in 2012, I predict the outbreak of a major race war. It only makes sense. After all anytime anyone has criticized Obama or any of the Dimocrats, they sooner or later are labeled hateful racists. It is not because Obama and the Dimocrats have governed against the will of the American people, introduced radical left wing policies, saddled us with trillions of dollars of new debt, taken over our health care, raised taxes, and thrown gasoline on the fire of recession.........no it is simply because Obama is BLACK and anyone that dare oppose him is nothing but a racist!

Many white people and many political "moderates" have become racists in the past few months as they have tacked away from Obama and toward the Republican candidate in most recent polls. Most black people still support Obama which makes them the actual racists in my mind.

In the 2008 election, most blacks voted for Obama for one reason,,,,,,,HE WAS BLACK. Some whites voted for Obama because of guilt. Other voted for Obama because of his empty promises of hope and change. Others voted for him because the election of a black man would be "historic". Others were just mad at George Bush.

One thing is for sure. If Obama had not been black he would probably be "shoveling shit in Louisiana" right about now if I may quote one of my favorite generals, George S. Patton.He certainly would never have become president.

In 2012, most of the blacks are still gonna vote for Obama. Some of the guilty whites won't, most of the independents won't, probably none of the conservatives will vote for him and so Obama will be defeated.

On the day after Obama's defeat, the cry will go out from the "reverend" Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP, and most of the Dimocrats alleging election fraud. There will be proposed investigation after investigation. Then will follow the accusation that everyone who voted against Obama is a racist. The angry black masses will be churned into a frenzy by the usual race baiters. There will be rioting in the streets. Cities will burn. There will be murders and violence against people of all colors.

So in the end, the "post racial" president will in defeat, launch the country into a race war never seen before. Who knows how long it will go on? When will it end?

All I can say is after November 2012, keep your guns loaded and watch your backs.


  1. That's a scary scenario. I hope you are wrong. But I have not seen such claims of racism since I was a small child. It is very disturbing. While the claims of racism are false, they are purely political in nature, the damage may be worse that if there were true.

    Right Truth

  2. We said it would happen if Obama lost in 08, we've said it would happen if GOD forbid, something happened to Obama during his occupation of the WH. And YEP, it very well may happen upon his loosing the office. In many areas it's already occurring...Your last sentence is good advice, and don't forget the popcorn.

  3. It may be a toss up between the "race" war and the "class" war, both started by Obama.

    He has set one group of people against another, rather than trying to bring them together.


  4. I think Obama is absolutely destroying this country and everything it stands for. I will be ready for whatever comes in 2012...People will have to gather in possies and watch eachothers back from the vermin that will infest our streets like cockroaches coming out of the woodwork. This is what Obama wants. He may just get it. He's a cynnical P.O.S and needs to be voted out!

    -Pro American.

  5. Has anyone ever thought about the wonderful troops we support and how people go up to them and thank them for their services to the country when in actuality, after the word is given, those same troops will be coming to your home to take your food, your guns, your property and round us all up for the FEMA camps.? Bark back at that one Groucho..

  6. They will only burn their own areas if they riot. They dont mind crapping in their own nest. I say the sooner they start the better.

  7. America badly needs a law on truth, something like this: if anyone tells the truth, he may not be charged with hate speech or hate crime.