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Friday, September 17, 2010

Poor Kitty

If you're gonna beat someone, pick up a bat or a stick and whack them, or better yet, just leave, but for gosh sake don't pick up their cat and hit them with it.

Whatever your beef, you can bet that the cat had nothing to do with it and was completely innocent of wrongdoing.

Nevertheless, Lasalle Davis, of Hoboken, NJ. did just that. He hit his girlfriend with her cat.

Now I have little use for creeps that beat women. I have NO use for creeps that abuse animals. I don't have much use for the woman who chose to hang out with such a creep to begin with. In fact I don't care much for cats, but I'll take up for this one.

Davis was arrested and charged with simple assault. We're it up to me, I would have put him in a cage with a couple of hungry tigers. After all, the punishment should fit the crime, doncha think?

According to the article, there is no report of the whereabouts or condition of the kitty.

Good Lord, what is wrong with people?

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you, punishment should fit the crime. I've always thought that, but it will never happen.

    Right Truth